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Took an unannounced week off last week! Thank you for understanding. 

I am loving today's quote. The above was acutally pointed out to me recently. Sometimes it feels like not much progress is made but in reality a lot has changed. It is good to reflect and remind yourself of that and to continue moving forward. 

Wishing you a good start to the week! xo


photo snaps...

It has been a wonderful and productive week around here but I sure am glad it is Friday! Even though, I will be working through the weekend, I do plan to sleep in a little; so I am excited about that. Below is my week in review...

Did you notice the sneak peak at the new site? I cannot wait to launch it soon. My platform releasesd a major upgrade this week; so I am finally taking the time to switch over to the latest version.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! xo

VDay Recipe Ideas

Valentine's Day is already tomorrow! Are you doing something special? My guy and I grabbed an early Valentines dinner last night. We also picked out each others gifts. How boring are we? Oh well.

Regardless, I still want to do a few special things tomorrow. To start the day off, I plan on making these.

{image & recipe}

Cute, right? I am excited.

I also thinking about making this deliciousness...

{image & recipe}

Gosh, my mouth is watering just writing about this. My guy has the biggest sweet tooth and loves red velvet! I think these two recipes are absolute winners. 

Elton John & David Furnish's LA Home

Got a chance to catch up on some decor mags yesterday with my Sunday morning coffee. And oh my! I absolutely loved the cover story in Architectural Digest.

How fab is the giant zebra rug? I have a little bit of an obsession with zebra right now.

Here are some of my favorite shots...


Absolutely love the lacquered shelving above and styling!


Don't you just want to curl up under then chinchilla throw? 

Designer behind this gorgousness is Martyn Lawrence Bullard. What do you think? 

photo snaps...

Gosh, can you believe it is the middle of the week already? Can't decide if it is a good thing or not. Don't have anything exciting going on around here. Just busy working and focusing on finding a balance between work and personal life. Aren't we all? I have been trying to get back to a regular gym schedule and eating cleaner. It is a time commitment but results are defintiely worth it. Goal is to hit up the gym 4-5 times a week and eat in!

By the way, I can't believe I haven't even metioned yet that my place was on MadeByGirl last week. I know I have mentioned renovations here and there. Well, you can get a nice glimpse here.

And here are a few other recent phootos...

Custom Project Highlight

Today I wanted to share one of the cases that was completed this week for a customer in NYC. We have been working on this one for a few weeks. Customer really loved the case that Lilly Ghalichi has.

As you know, each one I make is one-of-a-kind because I use vintage jewelry; so it is almost imposible to find exact pieces. Like most, she was dissapointed at first, but trusted we could make her something as fabulous. And let me tell you, her case is absolutely stunning! 

We worked together searching out the jewelry pieces she loved and ended up with beautiful vintage aurora borealis pieces from the 40s/50s that really glammed out the iPhone case in an old-Hollywood-glam kind of way. Opals were also customer's request. The finished case is certainly a work of art that she is sure to enjoy for a long time.

dreaming of summer and an outdoor oasis...

I think I have the winter blues. We get fewer sunny days in upstate NY then most places, and it has been very blah lately. I usually don't mind but in the last week this weather has me thinking about summer and outdoor spaces. Wouldn't you just love to sprawl out and soak in some rays in one of the below?




Talk about an outdoor oasis! Big hat, cute bikini, cocktail in hand...a girl can dream...

Famous Quote


Found this beauty at this print shop. Thinking about adding a gallery wall in the living room. Love the message.

It has not been the most of pleasant days around here. Had some emergencies come up that needed taking care of. All is well and fixed now! Phew!

Didn't have a chance to share with you last week a custom iPhone5 case that was completed for a customer in Texas. It was a fun project, as the request was to use spikes and make it rock star sassy. Quite different from the standard and oh so fun. What do you think? 

Will be sharing more custom case that I have been working on in the next week. 

{ JUST ADDED } : NATASHA iPhone 5 case!

Just added the latest of Elegantly Untamed cases to the SHOWROOM. I am really loving the golds with pearls and ivory accents. Can you tell by the last few designs?

I love this piece for many reasons. For one, I am obsessed with the gold vintage brooch that shoots down the whole case with the crystal stones.

I was eyeing it for awhile before deciding I must have it for a case.  It is so beautiufl and unique.

For the first time, I am using large vintage opal stones in combination with everything else. It suits the vibe of this case, don't you agree?

Lastly, the colors are classic and settle. This piece goes with everything! 

Bar Cart Swag

Ever since I discovered the Society Social Shop, I became obsessed with bar carts! Roxy certainly brought the bar carts back. I love, love the way she styles them using vintage barware. As you can guess, I quickly began a quest to find one for my place! As much as I loved the ones on Society Social, they were outside my budget. Sad face. These two are my favs!

Pretty, right? Anyway, I looked and I looked, and believe it or not I found one on Craigslist of all places. It resembles Mrs. Lilian a little bit. So here it is, my very own bar cart!

I was able to find some purple Culver glassware at a local antique shop. You can find some on eBay, if you like them. And the ice bucked I picked up the flea this past summer. What do you think? If you are looking for a bar cart of your own, check out the locale antique shops. I frequently see them there. And if you are looking for ideas on how to style them, check out my Pinterest page Bar Cart Swag.


{ MUST TRY RECIPE } :Coconut Cake & Swiss Meringue Buttercream from MadeByGirl

Now that my kitchen is all done, I am all about using it! I love to cook and bake; so get used to me sharing my favorite recipes every once in awhile. I promise to only share keepers!

Today's recipe is not clean but it is oh-so-amazingly yummy. I found it on MadyByGirl here. Jen always posts delicious looking photos of meals her husband makes; so I finally decided to try one. The best part is that this recipe only makes a small batch. Alright, here it is...


Coconut Cake & Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Coconut Cake
1/2 C granulated sugar
4 Tbs unsalted butter, room temperature
2 egg whites
1 tsp coconut or vanilla extract
3/4 C cake flour (use sifted all-purpose if not available)
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 C coconut, rice or soy milk
3/4 C shredded coconut

Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease the sides and bottom of six cups in a cupcake tin with butter.  Cream the butter and sugar. Once creamed, beat in the egg whites one at a time, then add the extract. Add the flour and baking powder and mix until creamy, then add the "milk" and coconut and finish mixing.

Evenly distribute between the cups until they are 2/3 full. Bake for 17-20 minutes. Be sure to cool completely before frosting.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream
2 egg whites
1/2 C granulated sugar
12 Tbs unsalted butter
1 tsp vanilla extract

Cut the butter into 1 Tbsp chunks and leave out so it reaches room temperature. In a metal bowl, add the egg whites and sugar. Place the bowl into simmering water (leave on the heat) and whisk slowly until the mix is hot to the touch (about 140°F). Remove from heat, and using mixer with wire whisk, beat for 2 mins producing soft peaks. Change to a paddle mixer. Add 1/2 of the butter and beat for 1 minute, add the remaining butter and beat another minute. Add the vanilla and beat 1/2 minute more.

Once the cakes have cooled, you can frost them. The frosting doesn't have to be perfect - in fact just a nice spoonful on top of each cake served with some berries on the side works fine.

My man and I really enjoyed them few nights ago. They are better then any cupcake I have purchase locally!

To be honest, this was my second time making this recipe. I didn't follow the directions very good the first time and my buttercream turned out like soup. True story. Second time was much better, as I didn't forget the baking soda either! Next week, we have company for dinner and I will be making these again. 

If you are looking for a delicious dessert to add to your personal cookbook of favorites, make sure to try this one!

Also, Jen's husband has a food blog called Made for Jen, where there are plenty more recipes! I am looking forward to checking more out. 

this and that...

What a whirlwind the last few days have been! Over the weekend we put the finishing touches on my place for the photoshoot this past Monday. It felt so good to wrap up all the major projects. The are still a few spots that need some loving but overall my space is finished, yay! You have no idea what a long road it has been. So excited to have more time for new projects. 

Monday the local newspaper came over to photo the place! I will be sharing professional photos along with my own images of my place sometime next week. Until then, here is my bff hanging out on the blue sofa.

Hope you all are having a good week!

busy weekend ahead...

Happy Friday...I guess? Gosh, it feels more like the middle of the week for me for some reason. Probably because there won't be much relaxing this weekend, as I will be working straight through. There are quite a few custom orders that are in the works that I will be finishing, as the wait list is getting longer and longer. Feeling very flattered and thankful that everyone is wanting Elegantly Untamed bling for their phones! By the way, there might be iPad cases in the near future. Can you imaging that much fabulousness?

Another part of my weekend will be spent cleaning and styling my apartment because on Monday the local paper is coming to take some pictures for a little article. I am beyond excited! We have been renovating for the last year on our own and it is all finally coming to an end. Will be putting the finishing touches this weekend and hopefully sharing with all of you wery soon! Kitchen is the last room to be finished. Below is where my inspiration came from:

{image via Pinterest}

{image via Pinterest}

{image via Pinterest}

{image via Pinterest}

Are you feeling the vibe? Whites, grays, blacks, gold, subway tile...pictures coming soon :)

Happy weekending! xo

{ D I Y }: Artsy Black & Gold Lamp

I am big DIYourselfer. I love transforming and customizing. My whole place is full of past projects. Today, I am sharing a lamp project that took place a few months ago. I was looking for a lamp that would go with the rest of my black and gold decor and really was not finding anything I loved. I decided to transform a simple Target floor lamp that was in the style I was looking for.

After taping everything off, I primed the metal and then spray painted it gold. For the shade I used black spray paint and then using a brush flicked the gold acrylic paint onto the shade. 

I am in love with the finished look...one-of-a-kind.