Checking in...

I know it has been awhile since I posted here. Life has been getting in the way of things. Are you following me on Instagram?  I do update there a lot more frequently. Well, the most exciting news of 2014 thus far is that I got engaged and will be getting married this September!

There has been so much planning! So many details to work out. But it has been a very exiting last few months. I found my dress recently and feel that I can relax a bit. Are you married? Any planning advise and ideas welcome!

I am designing still. Mostly working on custom orders. Just finished this beauty that will be shipping to Quatar shortly. Pretty, right?

I love this color composition: ivory tones, gold accents and pearls! Will be adding more items to the Showroom in the near future and hopefully writing here a little more frequently. Till next time! xox