Bar Cart Swag

Ever since I discovered the Society Social Shop, I became obsessed with bar carts! Roxy certainly brought the bar carts back. I love, love the way she styles them using vintage barware. As you can guess, I quickly began a quest to find one for my place! As much as I loved the ones on Society Social, they were outside my budget. Sad face. These two are my favs!

Pretty, right? Anyway, I looked and I looked, and believe it or not I found one on Craigslist of all places. It resembles Mrs. Lilian a little bit. So here it is, my very own bar cart!

I was able to find some purple Culver glassware at a local antique shop. You can find some on eBay, if you like them. And the ice bucked I picked up the flea this past summer. What do you think? If you are looking for a bar cart of your own, check out the locale antique shops. I frequently see them there. And if you are looking for ideas on how to style them, check out my Pinterest page Bar Cart Swag.