Greentopia Fashion Show 2012

Over the weekend I got a chance to go to Greentopia Fashion Show which was part of Greentopia Festival held to promote sustainability. It is a week long event here in Rochester full of various workshops and activities.

Fashion show designers and boutique owners used and exhibited recycled/alternative materails throught out the show. Some of the vintage pieces were absolutely gorgeous, and styled so beautifully.

Chek out a few snapshots I took...

Loved the vintage red dress!

Vintage delicates...

Gorgeous, right? Below is made out of Rochester Woman Magazine pages.

Below, Kelly Breuer, of Rochester Woman Magazine rocking her Elegantly Untamed luxe iPhone 4 case.

{above images by anya}

And that's me, enjoying the show. :) 

 {photo by copyright 2012}

Have you ever been to a Fashion Show like this? This was my first. I can't wait to check out some of the vintage boutiques that participated.