Famous Quote

I have been so behind on my posts lately.....ahhhh so sorry! Life just has been crazy and I can't seem to find enough time in the day for everything. This Friday iPhone 5 is launching and guess who will be standing in line? That's right, yours truly. I feel so silly but I just have to have one. My temp phone is plain torture. I meant to pre-order one online but by the time I got to it, launch date stock was sold out. Crazy right? Two million iphone 5's were sold the first day. Great news is that I finally was able to get my hands on some iPhone 5 cases! They are coming Wednesday and I cannot wait to start working on them. I have so much fabulous vintage jewelry I have collected recently. Who knows, maybe a few will be ready by official launch date. 

And at last, this week's quote...I found it on Pinterest and loved it. Hope you will too... 

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