{ D I Y } : Hollywood Regency Door

I mentioned last week a recent project reveal coming up. Well here it is...Hollywood Regency DIY painted door! Who is loving the drama?

I have been drooling over fabulous doors on Pinterest for awhile now. Finally found some time to create my own! Inspiration came from this particilar one.

It was on a gloomy rainy Sunday that I rounded up the following supplies:

1. 2' Painters Tape

2. Ruler

3. Pencil on a string to make the circles

4. Black paint

5. Small paintbrush

6. Roller and paint pan (not pictured)

I first applied the tape to the door. Then I decided on a door center and drew the corresponding circles with the pencil on a string attached to the center. Ok, this probably was not the best/most accurate way but that is all I could come up with at the time. It worked but definitely was not perfect.

And then the painting began...

I started in the middle with the small brush and swited to the roller for the rest of the door.

And here is the finished door...

What do you think? I am in LOVE!!!

{all photos by anya}