EU { l o v e }

Got a lovely email today from a customer in Switzerland who purchased below case last week.

This is what she wrote:

"Dear Anja I am just sooo happy. I have my second elegantlyuntamed i-phone case in my hand KLAVA! How it is beautiful. I go to work by train and i read the newspaper on my phone. So during the day I held it for a long time in my fingers. That's the reason why I can admire your wonderful extraordinary cases for a long time and why they make me so happy. I am sure once I will buy other ones of you. my first one has Marilyn Monroe on it.. You remember the name of it? Unfortunately iI don't know it anymore. Thank you for your cases dear Anja, and all the best."

It is so wonderful to receive emails like that! I love that something I create makes someone oh so very happy.

In other news, you may find sweet spots of my home at MIMI + MEG today! I am very excited to have been selected for the fun feature. Thank you Meg!

That is all ladies and gents. Wishing you a lovely weekend!