a little bit of NYC

Where did the day goooo?? I guess it is good when they fly by sometimes. It has been quite busy on this end for the last week. I have been sourcing all kinds of goodies for new iphone cases. Went to NYC for a quick second for biz aaaand for once for some fun with my guy.

I go to NYC quite frequently but rarely do anything touristy anymore. Well, this time was an exception.

Yes, indeed, went up top the Empire State building, for the first time might I add. 

Strolled around Central Park on a gorgeous day! It could not have been any more perfect.

Couldn't go without Magnolia Bakery. Yum!

Ended the trip in Brighton Beach! Had to get that Russian fix.

Gathered so many great materials on this trip. Blank cases coming tomorrow and will start the design process after the 4th. Stay tuned for new styles with a new twist :)