some { f o o d i e } MUSTS in Barcelona

Barcelona is such a great city to visit with so much going on. Honestly, it should be a must on your list. The food is absolutey fantastic. I loved all the tapas, pastries, and well pretty much everything I put in my mouth! Below are three places that I thought were unique and are worthy of recommending.  

1. Apps and Cocktails on the Rooftop of Hotel Condes de Barcelona - this was such an awesome experience. The views were gorgeous but also I might have had the best pizza of my life there. I know, you say pizza? We really just stopped in to grab a drink before dinner and wanted something quick and hearty for an app. The pizza was out of this word. The crust just melted in my mouth and it was a perfect combination of settle sauce and cheese. Would go back there no question, if I ever return to Barcelona.

2. Hot Chocolate at Cacao Sampaka - my friend took me there for a rather unique hot chocolate experience! I literally was drinking melted chocolate. It was nothing like I ever had before. They had different varieties of chocolate thickness. Oh, and cannot forget, a fabulous pastries selection of course.

3. happy pills - I stumbled on this place by chance while walking around the city. The name made me chuckle and it looked cool; so I went in to check it out. If you love gummies and uniqe shops, this is a must. Even their website is fab. Basically, it is gummies that come in pill bottles with fun labels such as For Lovesickness, Instant Happiness, Use in Case of Love Intoxicationg, etc. Got quite a few of these for souveniers and gift. The gummies were delicios.



{images by anya}