Finally...some living room furniture!

After months and months of living with no furniture in my living room, I finally got a few pieces in! Not sure if it a good idea or not, as we still have to gut the kitchen which is through the living room but I just couldn't stand it anymore without nothing at all. So here it is, the first look:

Oh and that's Fancy by the way! She is a one year old American Bulldog. I am insanely obsessed with her!

If you have been following my blog, you might remember my dining dilema posts here and here. I was pondering around with what style of table and chairs to go with. Well, above is what I finally decided on. It is a small area; so I was limited on table size. The pantpn chairs are vintage and are currently purple but need to be repainted. I am thinking about gold for the chairs. My guy thinks I am crazy! What do you think about a metallic gold? 

I can't wait to do more in this room! It get so much light during the day and lots of sunshine.

Thanks for stopping in today!