Home Office Sneak Peek

I have been doing a lot of posts on decor, interiors, and constantly mentioning that I am renovating. Well, the reason why I haven't posted many before and afters is becuase it has been a very slow process...i mean { s l o o o w } ! Some "areas" are somewhat finished but I am waiting to post just a little longer, as I am still working on the finishing touches. 

So today, I finally decided to reveal a little bit of my home office...half of it to be exact. The other half will hopefully be done in the near future ( I am creating a cozy lounge bench). So without furhter ado, here it is...

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You are probably wondering what it looked like before. I do have a before but please excuse the quality of the photo! I only had my phone camera at the time. Here it is...

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The before was aweful, right? We replaced the rug, painted a black accent wall, and the other wall in silver gray. It is amazing what a coat of paint can do! Hope you liked it. I will be revealing the other side of the room and rest of the house soon; so keep on checking back!

Happy Friday!