SHOP { s t o p }: Again & Again in Dallas, TX

I travel frequently; so when I browse my favorite blogs, it is usually with a purpose. I always try to note a great restaurant someone mentions, or a must visit shop, or a definitely worthy activity. This was the case with a shop called Again & Again, which I actually saw mentioned on a few blogs around the same time. 

So when I had to do a last minute trip to Dallas, I knew I had to carve out some time to make a stop there. Let me tell you, it was so much more then I expected. A whole warehouse filled with gorgeous mid century and hollywood regency pieces.

Some pieced are in better condiditon then others. But not to worry, they have an upholstery shop right in there.

I absolutely loved the below bench and how cute is this credenza?

I smiled when I saw this table set. At one point, I contemplated getting something similar here.

And check out this guilded blue headboard! Don't get too worked up, it does have a sold tag on it already.

And I saved the best for last, although it's not the same as seeing it in person. The below pink credenza was by far my favorite piece there! It was so beautifully lacquered, and if the price tag didn't read over $3000 would def be mine. Ok, it would have to be well below. I loved it so much, I might need to teach myself how to lacquer furniture!

{All images by Anya}

Actually, that is another thing worth mentioning. Again and Again had a few of it's orignal peices there that they build and finished, some with a lacquer finish. 

So without me praising it even more, this place is a must go! 

I will be telling you more about my Dallas trip tomorrow. Wishing you a lovely Tuesday!