{ D I Y }: Glitter Reindeer Art

I have been doing a little holiday decoratig around here and as usual was looking for inspirtaion on Pinterest. I came upon this awesome project by Shelley:


Pretty, right? As I was reading her post, I realized she was inspired by someone elses project:


Also lovely. At that moment I knew I had to make my own version becuase this sounded like a quick project from what was described. I ran to Michaels and grabbed some supplies.

I googled "reindeer head outline" to find the image I wanted to use, printed it, and cut it out.

I used my gold pen to trace the image onto the canvas and then filled it in with glue.

I then douced the whole thing with gold glitter.

And tadaaaaa...

I let everything dry overnight and then placed it on the fireplace the next day.

By the way, the picture next to this one was also inspired by pinterest. If you would like, you may check out my other holiday pins here.