{ Favorite Recipes }: Truffled Watermelon

Today I am sharing my latest obsession, truffled watermelon! I have a confession, I am a truffleholic! It is a safe bet that when I am out to dinner and there is some sort of truffled dish on the menu, I will most certainly order it. I can't help it, so tasty!

What I am sharing today is a simplified version of a salad that was on a summer menu at Next Door, local restaurant. Their salad included: watermelon, crab, arugula, truffle oil, black lava sea salt, and potentially a few other ingredients.

What I have been making is just waterelon drizzled with truffle oil and sprinkled with black lava sea salt.

It is such an awesome snack or dessert. Simple, tasty, quick, and healthy! Bon appetit!