Love It or Leave It : Pedro Friedeberg Hand Chair

My guy thinks I am nuts! You might too, but I am in love with the Pedro Friedeberg hand chair.

{designed by Jonathan Adler}

Fabulous, right? We all know how I love gold. Plus, it is just so unexpected. Major conversations piece!

{image via Kelly Wearstler}

I have seen it a lot in Kelly Wearstlers designs and of course Jonathan Adler. They are iconic statment pieces and come in many versions. I saw one of the below floating around locally.


You can also find them on ebay. I thought about getting one and spray painting it but it just wouldn't be the same.

The real ones are of course hard to find and cost thousands. They come up on 1stdibs sometimes.

{image via Vogue}

What do you think? Are you loving? Major, yes please over here!