Live Fit...Live Healthy: Crockpot SALSA CHICKEN!

My kitchen is still in construction; so please note, pretty pictures will not follow. Boooo...I know. Although, it is all nearing the end. At least, I finally have most of my appliances hooked up; so I am back to cooking again...and cooking healthy. I wanted to share my most favorite healthy and delicious recipe that I found in Oxygen Magazine a few years ago. I love how simple it is but also how tasty it is. My friend and I enjoyed it tonight.

I always modify it a little bit. I throw in 3 breasts instead of two. Use 16 oz Jack's Special Natural Salsa (have you heard of it? it is the absolute best). And then use the can of beans (sometimes I add 2). I also add cilantro and lime if I have it as a garnish in addition to avocado.


I think it is a great mid week meal. You get home from work, toss everything in, and then relax for a couple hours white it all cooks. I meeean aren't crockpot meals the best?

Let me know what you think if you try this. I make this almost every week.