recent snap shots...

Sometimes I wonder if life will every slow down and then I quickly remind myself that I don't think I could ever let it. Too many projects and not enough time in the day. My mind races constantly with new ideas and I think about when I could start tackling them. Does that happen to you? I don't ever feel bored. It's great...makes life fun for sure. Below are some recent photo snaps...

Isn't that make your mouth water? This is from my favorite bakery, Village Bakery in Pittsford, NY. Always amazing food!

A little bed time reading.

Jewelry shopping! Pretty, right?

Was talking to a friend in Barcelona over the weekend. She told me I cannot start any more projects until I have a cup of coffee! Twist my arm!

Pumpkin ravioli with brussle sprouts, need I say more?

Custom iPhone case I am working on for a customer who wanted me to use her personal jewelry. Love it!

Happy Tuesday!