Homemade Russian Food - nom!

My grandma is a great cook. She makes everything from scratch and with lots of love. It has been great to get to enjoy her Russian cooking while home. Do you know much about Russian food? A lot of it is pretty heavy and hearty. Think meat, potatoes, and lots of sour cream! Oh and desserts/sweets are to die for. There is no watching what I eat when I am home. There are just too many scratch goodies to enjoy. Below are some of the foods I have been eating while home...

Grandma made these pirozhski a couple times. Her pirozhski were fried dough filled with rice and meat. They can also be baked for a healthier version and filled with fillings like potatoes, eggs, cabbage, etc. 

Blini are the Russian version of pancakes usually served with sour cream, jam, or sugar. I love them with sugar and sour cream :) They can also be stuffed with rice, meat, etc.

This little pot contained Pelmeni, which are meat filled boiled dumplings served in broth. They can also be served without broth with sour cream. My family used to hand make a ton of them during winter months, especially for New Years.

Above are fried meat cutlets. So delicious and one of my favs.

{all above images by anya}

And last but not least are syrniki. They are made with farmers cheese, egg, flour, and sugar. Can be served as a dessert. My mom used to make these for breakfast often when I was little.

What do you think? Would you like recipes for some of these goodies?

As much as I love all this and have enjoyed it plentifully, I am looking forward to some lighter fares when I return. Below are some recipes I found on Pinterest that I have not tried yet but am looking forward to trying out. They are light, healthy, and should get me back on track in no time.

Foil-baked fish with black beans and corn - recipe here.

Avocado chopped salad with shrimp - recipe here.

Chili with ground turkey and chickpeas - recipe here.

If you would like to check out some other recipes I have tried/will be trying, please visit my Pinterest page. Happy cooking!