my iPhone 5 case

Unfortunately, I only had enough time to create three iPhone 5 cases before leaving on my trip. I am looking forward to getting back and playing around more with the design. Since the phone is longer this time around, I can fit more pieces on top, which to me is always better. 

You have seen two of the cases in the SHOWROOM; so today I wanted to share the third, mine...

What do you think? I focused on golds, pearls, and aurora borealis crystals. In the past, I always used shades of purple and darker jewelry pieces; so this is a nice change. To be honest, when it came time to pick out the pieces for my case, it became rather stressful, as I didn't really know what I wanted. Initially, I was playing around with fuchsia and neon yellow but decided to go a more classic route. I have been sourcing vintage pieces vigorously for a few weeks; so I had plenty to pick from. 

I am loving my new case. Always, such a conversation piece everywhere I go. My favorite piece on it is this little Weiss earing (hard to see in the photos but it is above the pearl piece in the bottom right corner of the top image). It has a large aurora borealis stone in the center and is surronded by little silver stones, all in a gold setting. Just so pretty to look at every day!