{ D I Y } : Fluid Abstract Paintings

I am so very excited about today's post! I did some (well more then some) painting over the weekend. As I mentioned last week in my DIY art post, I was on a hunt for some artwork for my walls on either side of the fireplace in the living room. I have been looking for awhile and couln't quite find the right fit in terms of color and desired style. So it was decided I try something on my own. 

I was looking online for inspiration and was thinking about working with watercolors. Through my search I found some fabulous video tutorials! Below are the results (apologize for terrible photos :( )...

I went a little crazy, don't you think? They just kept coming out so cool; so I just kept on going. By the way, did I mention how easy this was? Might be my favorite and quickest DIY ever! 

This method works best with a framed canvas and acrylic paints. I had neither. So I used watercolor paper and left over wall paint. Yes, left over wall paint! I did make a run to Home Depot after the first two, to get some colorful sample size bottles for variety.

So this is how it works. Pour some paint onto paper/canvas, mix it with few strokes, and then move the paper/canvas around to spread the paint. Then let it dry and hang! 

Below photo was taken before I added the gold paint.

Below is a quick video I watched before hand. Check it out...

The results are absolutely fabulous! I chose the two blue ones for either side of the fireplace. I also suggest using metallics (I used gold of course!). Metallics make them more interesting and add another dimension.

Good luck! Would love to see yours; so please share.