Ivanka Trump's Park Ave beauty

It has been so wonderful to be away from home and away from the usual hustle and bustle. I have been spending time with my family and my guy who is in Russia for the first time meeting my family. We were all nervous initially but all is going very smooth :)

While flying, I had a chance to flip threw a few favorite magazines, which is where I spotted today's feature. Elle Decor shared a tour of Ivanka Trump's 10 room apartment on Park Ave. I fell in love with some elements and maybe you will too...

Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, worked with Kelly Behun to put together their place right before the birth of their first daughter. 

I have been loving the gray and gold pairings. We are actually painting our hallway gray. I have a vintage gold mirror that will be hung upon completion. The deep armless couch looks so comfortable, doesn't it? 

What do you think of the custom designed driftwoodbase table? 

The table above is also custom-made. I am loving the punchy wall art and the light fixture by Lindsy Adelman.

{all images via elledecor.com}

Would love to add the gold and balck stools to my space! Bedroom seems so simple but yet luxe.

The space is a lot more modern and comfortable then I thought it would be. Glamour and luxury definitely fill every room. I bet the views are absolutely breathtaking...