Bathroom inspiration...

My place is still undergoing renovations. My guy and I have been working on the bathroom for about three months now...waaay too llllong. We had some help early on but are now back to finishing it on our own. Good news is that it really is very close to being finished. Although last night I had a set back that really bummed me out. I just finished tiling the shower floor, when I relized that the drain was a tid bit higher then the tile, which will cause the water to puddle. Relizing I goofed, I had to remove all the tile and scrape off the thinset. Worse, i now need to get new tile becuase mine is too thin and I don't want to just add more thinset, as I am nervouse about altering the pitch. 

So, sinice it looks like it will be awhile longer before I can share my reno, i figured I could in the mean time post some pics of what I used for inspiration. 

I picked a similar marble floor.

We built a similar built in for towels an bathroom accessories.

As i mentioned, the floor is marble and the shower tile is light glossy blue.

The fixtures will be white.

{Images via Pinterest}

Cannot wait for the official reveal!