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Back in November I wrote this post about deciding on dining room furniture. Well, we are pushing the middle of January and guess what, still no dining room table. I have been shopping, I really have, but I cannot seem to make up my mind on what I want. My living room is still empty Steve Jobs style. I was fond of Rachel Zoe's dining table below, mainly because of the chrome white leather chairs and have found quite a few similar options online. I haven't been able to find the right table to go with them though.

Well, while searching, I also fell in love with Fawn Galli's dining room. 

I die for the chrome barrel chairs! They are sooo fabulous and the whole set just works so well with the rest of the room. My search quicly turned to vintage chairs. I also stumbled upon this one, initially via Pinterest.

I think it has it all! It is tufted, pink, and chrome. Love it. Well, after doing some more research, I realized these are midcentury and are hard to come by. Currently, I feel I have the patience to keep looking. 

By the way, what are the thoughts on the white tulip table?

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It is versatile and can be reinvented over and over. I am a big fan of that. 

Let the seach continue...