Designers to Love: Blynn Nelson of Reckless Necklace

Yesterday I teased you with my recently acquired piece of jewelry. It was designed and handcrafted by Blynn Nelson of Reckless Necklace, who is also a local Rochesterian like myself. 

I was immediately drawn to her work, as it is very similar to my own. Blynn designs and handcrafts everything herself. The use of exquisite vintage jewelry and unique elements truly makes each piece a statement to be admired. All the necklaces are one-of-a-kind except her Signature, which she is wearing in the photo above.

Honestly, when it came time for me to pick my piece, I was very torn between quite a few, as they are all just so fabulous! I will be wearing it for the first time at a wedding in a few weeks, that now, cannot come fast enough.

If you are loving what you are seeing make sure to check out Blynn's website. There is so much more!