Guest Post: Miss Angela Raciti from Diary of a Chair

{ Our homes say so much about who we are. Just look closely and you will be able to pick out certain personality traits through people’s décor. I am constantly looking to improve the aesthetics and functionality of my living space. And not so long ago became interested in really having mine reflect my personality more.

So today, I invited Angela Raciti, the lovely, talented blogger and a fabulous interior designer in the making to share some of her favorite design tips. Let’s enjoy! }

Hi everyone!  I'm Angela from the blog Diary of a Chair, where I enjoy sharing my interior design inspirations, favorite recipes, and DIMyself projects.  I live in Boston and am in the process of getting my master's degree in interior design, and love filling my blog with creative ideas and the joys of being a recent newlywed and (very small) homeowner.  I was so excited when Anya suggested that I guest post about my favorite design tips!  

Start with a piece that you love, and use it as a focal point in your room. Pick something that you never get tired of looking at: color, shape, decoration, or motif-wise.   That way, you can't go wrong because everything you put into your room relates to your starting off point.  I've found that carpets are a great beginning when decorating a space.  Other great focal points could include a beautifully painted vase, funky cabinet, elegant chandelier, or colorful painting.  Even a photograph that you captures your attention will work: enlarge it and put it in a great frame painted a bold color. 

Be practical. You would never keep cans of soup on the shelf in your closet, so think about what the use of the room is, or will be, and how to make it function best.  

Stay creative.  Use something in a new way.  Try putting wallpaper behind the shelves in a bookcase, upholster a chair yourself, or paint wide stripes on a dresser.  When you walk through a flea market, think about what you could do to a great find to make it better or repurpose it and turn it into something else.  This is also a fantastic way to save money. 

Build off of neutrals.  I think it's smart to upholster larger pieces in neutral fabric, and use accessories and smaller occasional furniture to pop color into the room.  I like the freedom to switch things up a little.  With a neutral base, you can easily move things around when you want a change, or alter the accent colors.

Mix textures and patterns to warm up a space and add variety. Stick with a palette of colors, or many shades of one hue for continuity.

Know where to splurge. It's ok to go all in on larger pieces like a well made sofa, art, or case piece that you will enjoy for years to come.  Fabulous architecture is also a place to invest.  Trendy objects are a great place to cut back a little and not blow your budget.

Get inspired. Sometimes the arrangement of objects, collection of colors, or the shape of something just grabs me. Use tools like Pinterest, flip through magazines at the check out counter, or snap a photo to organize everything in one place for easy reference.

Hope this helps you all hit the ground running the next time you are ready for a room re-do :) Many thanks to Anya for letting me take over Elegantly Untamed today. Please stop by and visit me at Diary of a Chair :)




{Images via Pinterest}