The fabulous High Gloss!


It's's's heeeere! The second issue of my favorite online magazine has finally arrived. And is just as fabulous as the first!

So many inspirations and take aways. I loved If this was my calling card spread. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, style maven and fashion director Lincoln Center, had a lovely What's in your bag feature buuuut her blackberry was missing a dazzling Elegantly Untamed case obviously! I should get to work on that. Closet Case had me plain drooling. I am dying for a spacious organized closet space. I really enjoyed designs by Mary McGee in Posh pied-a-terre. The purples were so unique and used just enough. My favorite design accent had to be the zebra stair case in Cultivated Elegance. I would have NEVER thought to use the print in such a large area, in fears of overwhelming the space, but it just looks so fabulously chic and elegant...absolutely love! The gifts, fashions, accessories, decor...I could not get enough. One thing that I felt was missing is a recipe in the Mother's Day spread. I think it would have enriched the article so much more. Buuuuut there is always next time. 

This is a bimonthly publication and I already cannot wait till June. :)