A frog purse? But it sparkles!


I think it is no surprise that I am a big fan of sparkles. But when I saw the above, which are actually Swarovski encrusted clutches, I had to stop for a minute and think about whether I would ever rock one. Besides the price tag being around $5000, as dazzling as they are, they are just not me.

Some consider these a work of art and I am sure picture do not do the designs justice, just as with my Elegantly Untamed Swarovski iPhone cases. So I decided to do further research and find out more about the company, Judith Leiber. The company has a whole line of handbags, jewelry, and accessories that are actually quite stunning. 

My favorite piece on the whole website has to be this statement neckless, Lulu. It very much reminds me of my own work: vintage inspired, clustered, and exquisite. 

The site is worth browsing. Plenty of eye candy. I for sure will be back!