Little NYC, little Jimmy Choo...lots of inspiration!


Inspirations...what are my inspirations for Elegantly Untamed designs? This question often gets asked. Inspirations are all around... I just got a chance to spend the day in New York City. Exquisite Tamara Mellon (above top row middle), Jimmy Choo Founder, was launching the company's first fragrance; so I stopped at Saks to check out the event and of course the shoes! Jimmy Choo's new line featured some beautiful embellished designs (above top row). A few really caught my eye and I cannot wait to use similar color pallets in the future.

I think it's a must for Tamara to own a Swarovski encrusted Elegantly Untamed case, to go with her fabulous shoe collection. And she has a sea of shoes in her closet. I saw a feature on her apartment in one of the magazines few months ago. Tres glam all around!

The bottom three pics are by other designers and are quite dazzling, aren't they?