{ n e x t } Christmas...

Besides Christmas shopping, a few holiday parties, and listening to Christmas music, i really haven't partaken in many Christmas traditions at all this year due to the remodels going on at my place. No Christmas tree, no holiday baking, no decorations. I did write a few cards last night but that is about it. Rather sad.

So, instead I have been living vicariously through other peoples blogs, facebook wall pics, and Pinterest. So I figured I would share with you what I would like to do next year!

I love this idea for the outside.  

The peppermint candy will be on the table in the foyer.

Baby Its Gold Outside is in the top three of my favorite Christmas songs! Cant wait to do this.

I loooove the set up of this room! Absolute holiday bliss...

Aaaand I am rather old school when it comes to Christmas trees. I love tinsel, vintage ornaments, and am hoping to have a real one next year filled with fabulously decorated boxes.

{All images via Pinterest}

I think I have my work cut out for me next year! Do you mix your holiday decor style from year to year?