As you know, I recently moved into a old victorian home and my place is undergoing some renovations. In the process, I decided to sell aaall my furniture (well almost) and start from scratch with a vintage flair. Fun huh? The house has a lot of charachter and all my old furniture either didn't fit or was way too modern. Soooo I have been searching for a vintagy couch for my living room. I really don't have too many "musts" except that it cannot be modern obviously. So, through my search I came upon the below:

It's funky right? I have been thinkin of colour and have ruled out browns, purples, and reds so far. This vevety green though, as odd as it is, has a lot of potential in my eyes. My walls are white; so it could be accented wih light blues, pinks, yellows, and maybe even purples all around the room.

I found this gem on craigslist and am yet to take a look at it; so maybe I should start there. What are your thoughs? Below are some images I found on Pinterest that got my juices flowing.