Blogger I Luv: Jen Ramos of {MadeByGirl}

Have you ever heard of Jen Ramos of MadeByGirl? She has so many things on her resume! She used to design table tops few years ago, then got into greeting cards, posters, and now also paints fabulous art that sells out almost instantaneously after she puts it up on her site Cocoa and Hearts.

Oh, aaand she has a lifestyle blog, which I am a big fan of. The girl is busy and driven. I love it! It's nice to be reminded that there are others out there making things happen, going million miles an hour. 

Jen's blog covers a lot of different topics: design, fashion, food, diy, her day to day happenings, book reviews, and many other things. She always posts beautiful images and has great fashion and decor style. 

I mentioned she sells posters. Below are my favs. 

{All images are from Jen's websites}

Make sure to tour her home! It is gorgeous. If you look back through her archives you will find some home diy projects she undertook. I really enjoyed those, as I am amidst redoing my place as well. All in all, she is just fabulous! Hope you take the time to check her out and visit her online shops. 

Happy Hump Day! ♥