sneak peek

Below is a piece I started on Sunday. Again, I have to appologize for the quality of the image. I promise better photography after Christmas! The center piece is a vintage brooch comprised of gorgeous blueish aurore boreale crystals. It is avery special piece. All jewels here are actually vintage. It will be absolutely striking and exquisite once finshed. 

I acquired some very stunning vintage jewelry on Saturday and am working on four different Swarovski crusted iPhone covers at the moment. One is a custom piece and the other three will go up on the site once finished. I have been feeling very inspired lately. I think it has to do with the beautiful jewelry I have been purchasing. I really have been trying to seek out trully unique pieces. I am sure you have noticed by the last few pieces I completed. There is just something about taking beautiful jewelry and marrying it with others to create something even more bliss!