{ D I Y } : Perfect Party Pumps from InStyle

Was flipping through InStyle this past weekend and saw this fun piece on spicing up your heels for all those holiday fêtes! Simple, fast and festive. I keep planning on embelishing a pair of my own pumps with Swarovski crystals but this might be a faster solution for time being. See details below: 

What you will need:

-A pair of fabulous pumps

-Masking tape

-Krylon Gold Glitter Blast

-Krylon Glitter Blast Sealer ( $5-$7 each; amazon.com)



1. Place strips of masking tape over the body of the shoe so only the heel is left uncovered.

2. Hold the can of Gold Glitter Blast eight inches from the heel and spray. Let dry for 10 minutes, then repeat.

3. Once the second layer of glitter is dry, spray sealant on the heel. Allow it to set overnight, then remove tape.


Thaaaat is it ladies! Your weekend project :)