Current { d i l e m a } - Dining Table and Chairs

As I mentioned previosely the reason for my absence lately is that my space is going through complete renovations!

My life has been boxes galore for the last two months....major chaos! It all has been rather exciting in a way. I sold every single piece of furniture I owned and am starting from scratch! As libertating as it is, it calls for some major decision making. 

For the last six years, my living space consisted of brown, brown, and more brown, with a touch of beige and red. Yuuuuck! Basically, I am leaving the darkness behind and going for light and airy full of whites and brights kinda feel. My living room is painted white with ebony hardwoods. It is currently empty and has no furniture. Below is a little Before & Afther...the fan wil be getting replaced shortly!

{Images by Anya}

 Current dilema is the dinning area! I am trying to decide on the color of the table and chairs. I have been doing a lot of pinning and really am torn, as there are so many great options. 

The other day I saw a rerun of Rachel Zoe Project and noticed her two very fabulous dinning areas in her new house. 


{Image via Bravo}

Simple, clean, and all white. This dinning area is part of the kitchen. Love!

{Image via Bravo}

Above is her more formal area. Dark table and white chairs combo. Very mod! Love the lamps.

So next up is an image from Adore magazine. Lovely white table and white frame upholstered chairs. Once again, I like...

{Image via Pinterest}

Next is another great space. As I am writting this, I think chairs will definitely have to be either partially or completely white.

{Image via Pinterest}

And in terms of a table...well...I will know it is the one when I find it i guess...

What do your dining table and chairs look like?